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Hi I am Amr Hesham a Software Engineer, I am interested in Android Development and Compiler Design 😎

Last month when I was creating a programming language compilers and interpreters for practice and implement creative ideas, I got an idea to create an Android Calculator app (MathScript) based on a scripting language to represent mathematics operations and functions 🤔.

First, I have worked on the language design to be easy to use with helpful error messages and after implementing it, It’s time to work on the Android app so I need to create a Code Editor for this language with…

Hello developers, in the last two articles I published about how to use CodeView to create your own Code Editor and you can read it from here, about many features that can be implemented using CodeView such as highlight text in paragraphs, also highlight hashtags, emails, URL’s you can read it from here.

In this article I will show you how to use CodeView to highlight searching result in List Items such as RecyclerView, GridView or ListView items easily and with many features, our final result will be like this, so lets start coding.

Hello guys I am Amr Hesham and In this article, I will Introducing The ReactButton Library, it’s an Android library that helps you to create a Button with Reactions Dialogs such as a button on Facebook or LinkedIn platform.

When I created this library my goal is to make it dynamic to add any reactions icons you want to just like Facebook, and to make it easy to listen for events like click, long click, open and close dialog, and make it easy to use it.

Today I released a new version 2.0.0 …

Hi I am Amr Hesham a Software Engineer, I am interested in Android and Compiler Development,

In my first article, I wrote about how to use the CodeView library to create a syntax highlighter for programming languages with many extra features like autocomplete, change theme and syntax in the runtime,
you can check the article from here.

The first idea is to use it in Content sharing applications so for example like Twitter you can highlight hashtags, website URLs and you can also highlight emails, this feature can easily be done in using CodeView in just 3 lines of code.

Hello everyone, I am Amr Hesham and I want to share my new small cross-platform tools AndroidResourceManager (ARM) version 1.0.0 written in Java with JavaFX framework
the idea of these tools started as an image resizer for drawable and mipmap for Android App Development then I have added four more ideas to it
so the result is five services.

  • The first and main service is Image Resizer with drag drop support
    the idea of this service is to drag and drop your images easily and add the list of sizes for everyone, the default configuration for sizes list are the main…

Hi, I am Amr Hesham and I am a software engineer who interested in android development and compiler design, and I love to play some RPG games, but some of those games have designed to make your stay on the game as much as possible, So they give you some repeated and boring tasks to do and it’s maybe every day, for example, collect several items …etc, so I have searched for a bot creator to use it and automate those tasks.

I have found a good one with many features like control mouse, keyboard, screen, check pixel color with…

Android create a custom Color Picker

Hi, I am Amr Hesham and I am a software engineer who interested in android development and compiler design, In the last year, I created a simple timer app but I want to make the user control all the UI color, so I can make a dynamic UI colors support, so, for example, the user can change background, text, action bar …etc colors in the runtime and every user should have his timer with own theme.

I will describe in another article how to support dynamic UI color in the runtime like for example

Amr Hesham

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