Introducing LinkHub App

Hi I am Amr Hesham a Software Engineer, I am interested in Android Development and Compiler Design, In this small article I will introduce Linkhub my new android application 😋

LinkHub is a free and Open source mobile application for Android platform with no ads and no Splash Screen, it designed for the community with the intent to provide the best user experience,

You may have many different types of links, courses, books, blogs, talks, jobs …etc, and they are all important and you want to make them effectively organized, and to access them easily and that’s the goal of LinkHub.

LinkHub not sorting your links depend on title or URL but instance it sorted them depend on how many times you used this link, they suppose that the most used link is the most important one, it also show you how many times you used this link

LinkHub provide a way to organize your links in groups, so you can create one folder for each category with a name and different color then put some links inside it.

In LinkHub you can add new links in many different ways such as

  • Add a new link from the circle button inside the app

When you share a link to LinkHub, it will suggest a title and subtitle depend on this link, for example if you share my twitter profile it will suggest amrdeveloepr profile as title and amrdeveloper twitter profile as subtitle and you can easily change them.

LinkHub come with a widget to easy access your pinned links

LinkHub come with Dark theme, you can change the theme manually using switch from Settings, or it by default will use the device theme.

You can get LinkHub from App Stores like GooglePlay, Amazon, Huawei, Samsung and the plan is to be on all stores soon.

This is just the first version and I invite you to try it, you can be part of the team by suggesting features, report bugs or work on the development 😉,

The GitHub Repository for LinkHub: AmrDeveloper/LinkHub

You can find me on: GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Enjoy Programming 😋.

Software Engineer